Let’s Open this FunBox together – (fun cool free stuff!)

Just got my GuitarTricks FunBox in the mail
and waited until I could open it with you,
and show you all the fun cool stuff I got for free.

Watch the video now, and find out how to get one of these for yourself!

Want one? Who wouldn’t?

Here’s the link to sign up before they run out of FunBoxes.

Remember to forward me your Welcome Letter from GuitarTricks,
along with your postal address,
and I’ll put one of my custom designed PikCards in the mail to you.

And remember, there’ a 60-day full money-back guarantee
if you decide GuitarTricks is not for you after all.

You still get to keep all the goodies!

Get Your FunBox and PikCard now before they run out.

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